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Data in Sport

Specializing in performance data with extensive experience using analytical tools in elite sport. Providing & visualizing actionable insights and identifying patterns for decision making.

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About Data in Sport

Our Philosophy

At Data in Sport, we have over 10 years of professional experience within elite sport. This includes Premier League Football Clubs, Category 1 Academies, international teams & organisations, education companies and world-leading sport science organisations.

Data processes in professional sport continues to grow as we intend to offer and implement cutting edge solutions. Many organisations are tasked with transforming performance departments data processes, from using basic data monitoring and reporting tools saved in different locations with limited access, to creating a model that displays relationships between several sources. In turn, the accessibility of this data has revolutionised how we progress various projects, share data and answer performance questions.

At Data in Sport, we work with individuals, teams, schools and organisations with their data processes & visualisations. Our fluid approach towards finding solutions helps solve the breadth of problems that can be found in different datasets, environments and sports. As Data Analysts, we are skilled in Power BI, Tableau, SQL and Excel which allows us to identify powerful insights and patterns for data-driven decision making. However, we constantly ensure that it is us driving the data and decision-making process, not the data driving us.

We always want to be clear on our philosophy with data and performance, how we want it to be interpreted when working with end users, so it helps drive the decision-making process. However, a common theme from our experience is, there is a misguided approach of going from the data collection to analysis and straight to action. We believe a more balanced and thorough approach would be collection, analysis, conversations and then action. With the analysis process being well thought out with an appropriate analytical tool applied to the data, to extract correct results. When it comes to data and insights, the data collection must be consistent, repeatable and accurate. It is all well and good having a 'fancy' dashboard, however if it is not providing quality insights and solving problems then it becomes pointless.


Keeping abreast with the latest research is also a key component of our philosophy. We have reviewed and translated some of the latest performance research which includes producing reports, visualisations and presentations to further performance strategies.

Let us help you save hours in cleaning, analysing and visualising your data, and spend more time making decisions with the quality insights we can provide.


"Let your data drive your conversations, let your conversations inform your decisions and let your actions be successful."

Throughout the growth of performance data, we have seen a massive increase in sports technologies utilised across multiple levels of performance. We have come across some organisations and individuals who are so data driven that data drives them, not them driving the data. We are sitting on so much information and collecting so much data that it sometimes reaches a point of ‘what is it actually telling us?’

We understand what it takes to achieve at the highest level. We are confident that our philosophy when it comes to data can help our clients turn information into quality insights whilst producing evidence to inform decision making.

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